Fanfare for the Common Man -- Hugh Thompson -- Expressions of Appreciation
"There are so many people today walking around alive because of (Hugh Thompson), not only in Vietnam, but people who kept their units under control under other circumstances because they heard his story.  We may never know just how many lives he saved". Col. Tom KolditzUnited States Military Academy

"There are no medals awarded for stopping a war crime that dishonors your country.  But if there were a medal given for embodying the words ‘duty, honor, country,' it would go first to Hugh Thompson."

John Reilly Documentary Filmmaker
"The Hugh Thompson Foundation is a wonderful project… What a superb
achievement, to honour such an exceptional man and his connection to the people of My Lai."Celina Dunlop The Economist Magazine
The My Lai Tapes, BBC
"The story of Hugh Thompson and My Lai teaches us every essential lesson of the Vietnam war. It is only through the study of these dark hours that the true dimensions of Mr. Thompson's bravery, humanity, and service can be properly understood."Oliver Stone Filmmaker

"Hugh was a true patriot, a man of core integrity and selflessness… This Foundation is a great idea… I hope its value is recognized and supported…"

Bobby MullerVeterans for America
First President of The Vietnam Veterans of America

"'Don’t make me break down,’ Hugh Thompson warned as we began our interview. He didn’t break down. He was controlled but emotional. He bore his emotions with a soldier’s grace and dignity. Like Shakespeare’s Roman warrior, Coriolanus, his eyes ‘sweat[ed] tears of compassion…'"

Nancy ShermanGeorgetown University
United States Naval Academy
Stoic Warriors
The Untold War

“Hugh Thompson’s actions at My Lai clearly illustrate the moral courage and ethical behavior we expect of American men and women serving as combat leaders.  His courage and integrity stand as an example to future generations of officers, noncommissioned officers, and soldiers in service to our Nation. “    

LTC Kevin M. Clement

"Hugh Thompson’s rare acts of conscience and courage at My Lai stand as reminders of the power a single person can have, not just to save lives, but to change the very course of history."

Mikko Alanne Screenwriter

I was fortunate to host Hugh and Larry (Colburn)at the University of South Carolina on Veteran's Day several months after they received their long overdue awards… The most powerful moments occurred when they spoke with my University 101 students and Honors College Effective Leadership classes.  It was not lost on my students that (Glenn) Andreotta and Colburn were exactly their age when they stopped the My Lai massacre.”

John W. Cavanaugh, Ph.D.

“Hugh Thompson’s courage and integrity brought the My Lai massacre to a halt.  Today he remains a true inspiration for young people everywhere but especially those in the military.  Hugh was living proof that doing what is right, without weighing up the personal cost, is the hallmark of great nobility.”

Michael Bilton Author of Four Hours in My Lai