About the Hugh Thompson Foundation

The Foundation honors the memory of the late Hugh Thompson.
It will do so by addressing Mr. Thompson’s chief concerns.

Of these concerns, the welfare of veterans comes uppermost.  The Foundation notes the particular difficulties endured by our youngest veterans.  And, it will support the efforts of organizations working most effectively on their behalf.

The Foundation also will recognize those who have refused illegal orders or, like Hugh Thompson, made the tough but right decisions only to be harassed and punished.  Along these lines, the Foundation will create "The Thompson Medallion" as a measure of tangible thanks.

More, the Foundation looks forward to sponsoring, at one or more universities, an annual or bi-annual conference, one that examines, for example, the state of civil-military relations, martial ethics, and the place of the Presidency in American war policy.  Such conferences shall include students, veterans, and scholars.  At these, no consensus is sought.  Rather, the distinguishing feature of the Thompson Conference will be probing questions and reasonable dispute.

Mindful of Mr. Thompson’s devotion to the young, the Foundation shall encourage high school and college students to reckon with his legacy.

And, in the spirit of Mr. Thompson’s contribution to the rebuilding of contemporary My Lai, the Foundation will support those individuals and agencies most effective in improving the lives of the poorest Vietnamese. 

The non-profit Hugh Thompson Foundation was registered in Pennsylvania in 2009, and received its Federal 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt status in January, 2010. 

These are the Foundation’s broad fields of interest.